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New York State has long been the center for immigration. While the New York City skyline is the first site many of these new Americans would see first upon their arrival, you have to span across the state to understand the true impact of renewed dreams, new life and hope the Empire State has delivered for so many.
Ellis Island American Family Immigration Center in New York’s harbor served as the gateway to a new and better life for millions of immigrants. Across the bay, the Statue of Liberty stands in her elegance. A gift from France following the abolition of slavery, Lady Liberty is later associated with immigration in the early 20th century and peoples struggles to be free.
St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City is one of the nations most recognized churches.
Jewish community history is honored at the Eldridge Street Museum and Synagogue while the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center on Long Island offers the largest collection of Holocaust materials in the region. These items, collections and works tell the stories of the Holocaust and what lessons can be learned from this terrible time in human history.
Hispanic cultural contributions are on display at both the El Museo Del Barrio and Katonah Museum of Art while the Irish American Heritage Museum preserves the Irish cultural influence on America.
Just some of the historic places on New York’s Path Through History.
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