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Revolutionary War

July 4th 1776 is the day the United State declared its independence. It’s an Independence that would have never been realized without the courage and commitment of the men and women in the years leading up to that day and some of the bloodiest battles to get there.
Due to its strategic position Fort Ticonderoga was the prize possession during the Revolutionary War.

Fort Stanwix stands tall as “the fort that never surrendered”. Controlled by the Americans during the revolution, troops from the Fort took part in numerous campaigns, including repelling a 21-day siege that helped make possible the American victory at Saratoga in 1777.
Saratoga National Historic Park commemorates arguably the most important battle of the revolution, the Battle of Saratoga, which led to U.S. victory thereby changing the face of the world.
A hero at Fort Ticonderoga and the Battle of Saratoga, Benedict Arnold committed his treasonous act at West Point by plotting to turn the post over to the British. Upriver from West Point lies Washington’s Headquarters the nations first publicly owned historic site. It was on this property where General George Washington created the Badge of Military Merit, now named the Purple Heart and rejected the idea of being made King.
Just some of the historic places on New York’s Path Through History.

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