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Six New Yorkers have become President of the United States.  Two of them include the country’s youngest President to ever serve (President Theodore Roosevelt) and America’s longest serving President (President Franklin D. Roosevelt).  New York venues also hosted many presidents before they ascended to the highest office.
Tourists can visit Theodore Roosevelt’s birthplace as well as the home where he was sworn in as President.  They can also visit the Franklin Roosevelt home, museum and Presidential Library in Hyde Park.
People can also visit the Presidential museum of Martin Van Buren, who was also a former Governor of New York and one of President Andrew Jackson’s closest advisors.
Visitors to the State Capitol can learn about the four Governors who have also served as President as well as the other Governors, like William Seward, Samuel Tilden and Thomas Dewey, who ran for, but failed to achieve, the nation’s highest political office.
These are just some of the places tourists can see while exploring Presidential History on New York’s Path Through History.
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